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Gynecological consultants to the
athletic department at UT Austin.
OBGYN NORTH is the practice of:

Christina Sebestyen, MD FACOG

Christina has championed the cause of women's choice in birth options in Austin since arriving here in 2006.

Voted Best OBGYN

Patients' Choice 2011-2013

in Austin -

Tesa Miller, MD FACOG

Tesa is board certified by The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is also Clinical Assistant Professor with Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Maansi Piparia, MD

Maansi is very excited to be a part of OBGYN North because of the collaboration between midwives, nurses practitioners and physicians.

Martha Schmitz, MD, FACOG

Martha E. Schmitz, MD has worked with our group as our labor & delivery on-call partner for over 4 years. She shares our philosophy of minimal intervention.

We are devoted to empowering women to make choices about their healthcare in a supportive, nurturing, nonjudgmental environment. At OBGYN NORTH, we are committed to a patient-provider partnership that embraces consistent, safe, and respectful care at every stage of a woman’s life.

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