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We are always looking for talented individuals to join our dedicated team. Our goal is to have staff who are committed to women's health and to each other. We understand that it is difficult to balance professional and family responsibilities - and we strive to find a balance that is sustainable for the long term. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact our practice manager

Current Openings Include:

Registered Nurse Birth Assistant

1. Description

1) Registered Nurse Birth Assistants

directly assist the CNM in caring for the family during labor, birth and postpartum

a. perform duties within the scope of nursing practice including starting and maintaining IV’s, drawing blood , administering medications per CNM order and completing nursing assessments

b. directly assist the family immediately following birth and during the initial hours postpartum.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

1) Orientation: Upon initiation of employment, the nurse will be responsible for attendance at sessions that will acquaint her with her duties. This may involve some homework to refresh her in unfamiliar clinical areas. She will be expected to read and understand the Natural Beginning Clinical Guidelines.

2) The nurse will be required to carry a cell phone for communication when she is on call. It will be the nurse's responsibility to keep the on-call CNM informed as to how she can be reached.

3) Scheduling: A monthly schedule will be made at least one week prior to the beginning of the month. The birth assistant staff is responsible for covering all shifts and holidays, in whatever fashion they agree. The Director(s) must approve schedules.

4) Educational program

a. Participate in teaching early home care and breastfeeding.

b. Conduct orientation sessions for prospective clients if CNM is unavailable.

c. Serve as preceptor to new employees or nursing students.

5) Intrapartum care

a. While at the birth center, the nurse will, at the direction of the CNM, prepare, provide or conduct and document:

1) Labor support (i.e., fluids, positioning, tub bath, sibling support).

2) Supplies and/or equipment as needed to complete the set-up of the room for birth.

3) Monitoring of vital signs and fetal heart tones.

4) Delivery assistance as needed

5) Assistance with resuscitation if needed.

6) Assistance with third stage or maternal emergency as needed (Fundal massage, administration of oxytoxic, prepare IV therapy, call physician or ambulance).

7) The nurse may care for a client in early labor at the birth center under the direction of the CNM.

6) Immediate postpartum care

1) Vital signs.

2) Ongoing assessment of fundus and bleeding.

3) Assist mother with comfort measures.

4) Assist mother and newborn with establishing breastfeeding.

5) Cord blood to lab if indicated.

7) Postpartum period until discharge

1) Ongoing assessment of mother: bleeding, voiding, fluids and eating, mothering adjustment, physical needs.

2) Ongoing assessment of newborn: respiratory status, color, temperature, neurological status, feeding, activity.

8) Discharge

1) Review early home care instructions.

2) Assist family in preparations for going home.

3) Schedule follow up office visits.

4) Accompany family to car, witnessing use of infant car seat.

5) Terminal cleaning and re-stocking of birth room.

9) Ongoing postpartum follow-up

a) Daily and weekly phone calls as needed.

c) Consultation with CNM for problems.

c. Continuing Competency

1) Maintains current certification in CPR/BLS and neonatal resuscitation.

2) Attendance at birth center staff in-service programs and emergency drills.

3) Nurse will be expected to participate in transfer review meetings and to assist in providing in-service programs to the staff.

4) The nurse will attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, if requested.

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