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OBGYN North opens natural birth center near St. David’s

Thursday, September 26th 2013 — Natural Beginning, a natural birth center that operates in conjunction with medical practice OBGYN North, opened Sept. 2 adjacent to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, offering patients options for non-induced labor and drug-free birth. MORE

Women and Depression

Dr. Christina Sebestyen, from St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas, stopped by Good Day to talk about the symptoms of post-partum depression, how to deal with it and why it’s important to diagnosis it and ways to treat it.

Friday, October 29th 2010 — MORE

Midwives Are In The House!

Austin Woman Magazine

Saturday, August 1st 2009 — The Obstetrical team at OBGYN North has brought collaborative obstetrical care to Austin women. Midwives are in the house! For the first time since 2002, when midwives were banned from assisting at births in Austin area hospitals, Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM's) are delivering babies at St… MORE

Healthy Pregnancy During Hot Summer

Triple digits temperatures can be dangerous and for women who are pregnant it poses an even greater risk. Dr. Christina Sebestyen explains the risk factors associated with heat and pregnancy

Tuesday, July 21st 2009 — MORE

Healthy Pregnancy During Hot Summer

Good Day Austin on Fox News

Tuesday, July 21st 2009 — MORE

Medicine by Other Means

Austin Business Journal

Friday, May 1st 2009 — MORE

Joys of a Midwife: Nurse’s Calm Demeanor in the Delivery Room

Austin American Statesman

Monday, December 1st 2008 — Midwife Lisa Carlile's 24-hour shift that starts at 7 a.m. Thursdays at St. David's Women's Center of Texas has been uneventful lately. "I've been baby-repellent," she says, making a face, about a recent streak of not delivering babies. That wasn't the case a couple of weeks ago… MORE

Labor of love: Central Texas birthing options

Community Impact Newsletter

Friday, November 7th 2008 — When Dr. Christina Sebestyen moved to Central Texas two years ago, she longed to open an obstetrics practice combining the nurturing attributes of midwifery with the urgent-care benefits of traditional OB hospital care. Sebestyen, who considers herself a “midwife in doctor’s clothes,” eventually opened her own practice — OBGYN North — and in August, brought a midwife-credentialed program to St… MORE

Best Midwives Tale

Austin Chronicle

Friday, October 17th 2008 — St. David’s North Austin Medical Center. Nurse midwives and their advocates are thanking their lucky stars for Dr. Christina Sebestyen, an ob-gyn doc at St. David’s North Austin facility, who moved mountains to give midwives a very real presence at the medical center – now the only local hospital that employs the collaborative Midwives Model of Care… MORE

Naked City

Austin Chronicle

Friday, July 18th 2008 — A bundle of joy arrived this week with the announcement that St. David's North Austin Medical Center will open its doors to nurse midwives, who six years ago were summarily booted out of Seton and the city-owned Brackenridge Hospital. Since then, midwives and their advocates have lobbied local hospitals to give midwives delivery privileges… MORE

Midwives to Work at Hospital

Austin American Statesman

Wednesday, July 16th 2008 — Six years after area programs halted, traditional practice will start at North Austin facility. After a six-year absence from Austin hospitals, a traditional midwife practice will begin next month at one local hospital. Starting Aug, 1, three nurse midwives will see patients and take turns delivering patients’ babies along with Dr… MORE

Austin Hospital To Allow Midwives In Delivery Room

Evening News on KEYE

Tuesday, July 15th 2008 — Back in 2002, Brackenridge Hospital and Seton Medical Center cut their midwife services saying they were losing money. But starting Aug. 1, St. David's North Austin Medical Center will welcome midwives. Christina Sustaeta gave birth to her fourth child, Cecilia, this month… MORE

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