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Jessica Good, CNM

Jessica Good is passionate about the partnership between an individual and her provider, with a focus on using education and preventative care to promote health. She believes in presence, being fully available to patients, listening and using her knowledge to guide, rather than treat each individual and family.

Jessica was born and raised in Texas. She attended The University of Texas at Austin for her undergrad, with a degree in Human Biology and a nursing degree. She went on to get her Masters in Midwifery at The University of Washington in Seattle.

Jessica has worked as a midwife in several settings, including a private midwifery practice in Seattle and a high-risk full scope clinic/hospital providing care to the underserved. Her passion lies in the normal birth process, trusting and empowering women through their journey to motherhood.

Jessica spends all of her free time with her amazing husband and two boys, age 8 and 3, one of which was born at home. She also enjoys running, cooking and gardening in her spare time.

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